Ultimate Blogging Party 2011 #UBP11

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

I am happy to participate in the Ultimate Blogging Party 2011 this year.   I follow @5minutesformom on Twitter and luckily spotted their tweet this morning and hopped on the party bandwagon!   Looks like a fantastic way to meet some fellow bloggers and there are even some prizes offered.

For those stopping by from the party and this being your first visit here … I am Debbie also known as The Running Garlic. I blog about Gardening, Cooking, Crafts and every day life.   I am participating in the WordPress Challenge and have started a Facebook group to help support all the bloggers who are creating daily or weekly blog posts.   The Challenge has been very rewarding and a wonderful way to connect with others; being Freshly Pressed and receiving 4,500 hits to my blog in 2 days was beyond exciting!

Along with this blog, I also created Garden Dish to share some recipes and Munchie Monday where you can link up and add your own.   Ok….enough about me, I am headed back to the Ultimate Blogging Party to make some new friends!

Facebook page = The Running Garlic Twitter handle = @RunningGarlic

Happy April 1st …. Nice to meet you!


Featuring FoodPress

How’s this for a switcharoo … instead of FoodPress doing the featuring – my Friday Feature is …


Serving up the hottest dishes on WordPress just about sums up the mission of the FoodPress blog.   A relatively new blog featuring some fantastic food bloggers from WordPress updated regularly and well worth a visit.   I have been checking in on a steady basis and have found some talented cooks and food photographers on the site.   Here are a few from the last few days …

Janae Monir = pizza dough – everyone needs to know this!

Party Pretties from Erin – perk up that party…neat website!

Tomatoes in Love <—love the name of the blog

Beautiful Chocolate and we know how I love this!

Seasonal Kitchen – an organic and natural food blog  ..  right up my alley ..

First Look, Then Cook – another cool name and great recipes!

Treshop’s recipe for Scarlet Barley …can we say – healthy!

 A groovy granola recipe from  Somethin Yummy … snack on this!

If you are looking for some good food recipes, stop by the blog and have a look around.   If you write a good food blog, here are a few tips if you would like to be featured on FoodPress Five ways to get featured on FoodPress.

Happy Feature Friday …. if you have a good idea for a Friday feature, let me know!   Do make sure to round up a good recipe to share this coming Monday on the newest blog I have created Munchie Monday!   Who knows maybe one day FoodPress will feature all the recipes shared there!

Feature Friday

This week I picked from the long list of people who left a comment on my blog during my bout of Stardom as a Freshly Pressed featured blog.   Once again Thanks to all of  you …..   I find myself checking out all the new and different blogs listed each day on the WordPress front page now.   I still get a shot of excitement here and there each time I relive the moments.   Random picks from comments left –

The question was asked “How do you get featured on the Freshly Pressed page?   nrhatch left this link in my comments to answer the question – Now that’s helpful for me and them 🙂


Don’t forget to have a recipe ready for the new Munchie Monday!   Easy to add your recipe and great exposure for your blog!

Have a Fantastic Friday!

NetworkedBlogs on Facebook

Do you use NetworkedBlogs on Facebook?   If you have a blog and use Facebook you really should be connecting these two social media tools to gain the most exposure for yourself.   All you need to do is follow the steps outlined under the App for NetworkedBlogs and you will be able to display a Blog link on your fan page for readers to click and read your blog.   Your blog posts will appear and the reader can go “read more”.  

You also have the ability to Follow other blogs that interest you.   On the Home page on Facebook there is an icon in the left column NetworkedBlogs you can click and see all the blogs you are following.   From there you can Vote, Share or go Read the full post.

For my Feature this Friday, I would like to thank those following my blog via the NetworkedBlog App on Facebook.   Thank you Everyone!!

Here are a few that also use the NetWorkedBlog feature – give them a Follow!

Eliz = EOF737’s Mirth & Motivation

Sandra = Give & Get

Leta = Leta Marie Designs

Nicole = Nicole Visions

Paul = Pantry Blogger

Linda = Steider Studios

Me = The Running Garlic

If you have any questions about using the feature, I will do my best to help you out.   Thanks again!!

**As of yesterday Facebook upgraded pages so things have moved around a bit.   If this affects the NetworkedBlogs I will let you know!

Feature Friday – Facebook and Twitter

Today’s  Feature Friday is all about those that offer support by either following on Facebook or Twitter.   I once again randomly picked from my Discussion tab on Running Garlic’s fan page where folks are encouraged to list their links.   Then I also scanned through my Twitter followers and listed some of those friendly folks.   Thank you to everyone who in some way acknowledges me and my posts ……. I really appreciate your time!

Barbra – http://www.facebook.com/allaboutthebuttons

Shirley – http://www.facebook.com/mamasakio

Judy – http://www.facebook.com/angelsneverlastings

Donna – http://www.facebook.com/1crackedcatdesigns

Pauline –  http://facebook.com/paulinedesigns

Millie – http://www.facebook.com/mhandmade

Cheryl – http://www.facebook.com/DoubleBrush

Sheri – http://www.Facebook.com/VasariHandbags

Victoria – http://www.facebook.com/VictoriaLynnHall

Margaret – http://www.facebook.com/1cupCotton

Twitter handles …

@culinarschmooze    @Ketelsen    @EarthLifeShop    @mimiandcolette  

@FarmersMktChef @cookingupfamily     @famfriendsfood

@Bridget_Cooks  @MargieMckinney   @GardeningDame

Great Fan and Follower – (oh wait… I am a fan and follower of his)   The Pantry Blogger Blog        @PantryBlogger on Twitter 

Wishing everyone a Fantastic Friday and a Super Weekend!  Thanks again!!

Pound Puppy Feature!

How can you resist such a cute face?   Meet Billie Girl …. she just turned 1 year and is our latest puppy from an animal shelter.   I decided to showcase my pound puppies on this Feature Friday.   Not just my own puppies, but the people and places that put their heart and soul into caring for these animals that come to the shelters hungry, homeless and most times neglected.

Meet Augie and Frankie … this photo is close to 3 years old, so these pups are quite a bit bigger now and they are as lovable today as the day we brought them home.   I remember when we decided on a shelter to visit, I would spend hours browsing their website looking at all the puppies they had at the time.   Most shelters have some type of rules and a contract along with a fee for adopting a pet.

Each of my pups definitely has their own unique personality.   Here Frankie was a bit confused and thought the kitchen table was where he should take a nap.   He still likes to sit in the chair and keep an eye on things.

Animal Shelter.org is another website where you can locate a shelter near you.   I am very happy with our family of dogs and most certainly recommend checking your local animal shelter if you are considering adding a dog or cat to your family.

Augie loves running the property, while Frankie and Billie take time to enjoy the fireplace.

Feature Friday

Thank  you to everyone who has ever commented on one of my blog posts.   Feature Friday this week spotlights those wonderful people who stopped by this week and left me a comment!   Thank you … I really appreciate your support and the time you take to send me a note.   I don’t always answer back or comment back on my own blog – rather I visit yours and see what you are up to and leave word there!  

 I appreciate everyone who stops by – comment or not – you are Wonderful!!  

Lorawords – www.lorawords.wordpress.com

Last_lines – www.dragonflyscrolls.wordpress.com

Eof737 – www.eof737.wordpress.com

Jessica – www.bakemeaway.wordpress.com

Faythe – www.Grammymousetails.blogspot.com

Gnxmusic – www.peterweis.com

Aditi – www.twilightreadings.wordpress.com

Debsmansellini – www.debsmansellini.wordpress.com

Soapbird – www.ourchirp.wordpress.com

Margaret Almon – www.margaretalmon.com

Katherine – www.goaskkatie.blogspot.com

Donnahuebsch – www.donnahuebsch.wordpress.com

Paul Jennette – www.pantryblogger.com

Nicole – www.NicolesVisions.blogspot.com

Claire – www.Clairewade.wordpress.com

Joe NDZulo – www.tndzulo.wordpress.com

Mrscummingsrx – www.mrscummingsrx.wordpress.com

1961 Girl – www.1961Girl.wordpress.com

                                                              Thank you All … Debbie 🙂