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Spring Daffodils

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Colors Inspire

I was in the fabric store last week checking sales and looking for inspiration.  I realized how colors really do inspire and make a huge difference … in many ways!  While looking at different fabrics I found myself saying  no, that color won’t do; I need warmer hues … where IS that magic color??  I was waiting for the roll of fabric to just jump out and say … here I am!  I decided to actually “look” at each fabric and make a decision.  This was time-consuming, but very important.  In the past I have picked up fabric, brought it home and there it sat (and still sits).  It doesn’t inspire or excite me.

Having just the right colors will influence how you feel about what you are creating.  Your colors can be strong and bold or warm and calm or a combination  of other sorts.  The impact that color has on you is what matters and how we choose many if not all the items in our lives.  We want the colors that make us happy, confident, motivated (all those good feelings) to surround us.  Most people have a favorite color and are drawn to that same color all the time.  Lately, I have been drawn to warm, country colors that invite the feeling of well-being and goodness.  I want to surround myself with all these happy, warm colors!!

While in the store I came across this new product I have never seen before and was immediately intrigued.  The product is called Aqua Gems and they seem pretty cool and amazing!  They start out very tiny –


They come in several colors and I wanted one that would Inspire Me! so I picked Hot Pink Topaz.  How they work is you simply add 4 cups of water and they become hydrated – check this out …



How cool is that?!?!?  It took about 5 hours – directions say 4-6 hrs.  They are non-toxic, completely biodegradable and environmentally safe.  Uses = cut flowers, soil substitute for growing plants, candle accents and plant safe fragrances can be added which sounds totally awesome!  I took a few cuttings from a vining plant I have that I know will root up real good and will see what happens.  What a marvelous invention and inspiring to boot!