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Grow It  …   Cook It …  Keep It Simple!

Gardening should be Fun and Enjoyable ♥


Heirloom Seeds  2011

Beans  Tricolor Bush Beans

Cherokee Trail of Tears (pole)

Jacob’s Cattle

Tiger’s Eye

Garlic – Chesnok Red – Shvelisi (hardneck)

Chrysalis Purple (hardneck)

Persian Star (hardneck)

Inchelium Red (softneck)

Chet’s Italian Red (softneck)

Peppers – Marconi

Tam Jalapeno

Alma Paprika


Red Mini

Purple Beauty Sweet

Tomato – Amish Paste

Cherokee Purple


Amana Orange

Black Cherry

Black Krim

Herbs – Anise hyssop



Dark Opal Basil


Italiano Classico Basil

Mrs. Burns Basil

Thai Basil








Pickling Cucumber Endeavor

Detroit Beets

Lettuce – Sea of Red

Sweetie Baby Romaine

Wine Country Mesclun

Spinach – Baby Leaf

Moon & Stars Watermelon

Pride of Wisconsin Melon

Delicata Squash

Zucchini Tricolor


Chocolate Cherry


Autumn Beauty

Cinnamon Sun

7 Responses

  1. Hi!
    Wow, what a list, you really grow them all on your own?
    Just wondering how the black tomatoes doing there in the US, popular? I love them and just hard to convince other gardeners how nice they are. I can see you grow cherokee purple, well it is almost black:).
    Well done for your blog and nice to meet you on twitter too. lol

    • I do grow them all and I absolutely love the Cherokee Purple – which has to be my all time favorite after growing and enjoying last year! Nice to meet you too and Thank you!!!

  2. […] for sending me these vegetable seeds which I can’t wait to start.   I will be adding them to my Gardening List for 2011 – Purple Beauty Sweet Pepper, Amana Orange Tomato, Black Cherry Tomato and Black Krim […]

  3. Hi. Do you grow antioxidant fruits, too? If you don’t, do you have plans to include them in your garden?

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