Wordless Wednesday


Weekly Photo Challenge – Home

As you can see … I am working with my new software Photoshop and as a couple of folks have mentioned – “this baby ain’t easy!”

ClassyRose created a wonderful blog post regarding Content Theft on the internet and steps to prevent this from happening to you.   I bookmarked the post and will review and I will be including this on my blogs in the future.   As I was working on the photos I looked into adding the copyright watermark which I have seen so many times on photos across the web.   I watched an easy tutorial at Photoshop and as you can see included one on the last photo.

oh…and the theme “Home” for the weekly challenge ……

Everyone should be Welcome Home!

Newest update: I now have Photoshop

I still consider myself to be in the learning stages with my Apple Mac and I am making it a habit to use it even for the simple searches or mail checks.   If I don’t use it I will never learn all the fantastic features it contains.   I did purchase the iWork when I first purchased the computer, so I have been dabbling around with iPhoto.   I reasoned to myself though if I am in this learning mode at present, I may as well throw more into the equation, so I now also have Adobe Photoshop.   I received the software yesterday along with the Missing Manual for it and am excited to dive in!

If you have been following along with the Post A Day challenge and my blog, you may have noticed my list of topics for each day is gone.   What I found happening was that I was trying to follow the outline of topics exactly and I was feeling pressed to come up with a new craft or tech idea to write about and, quite honestly, it wasn’t fun.   My topics were great and definitely part of what I do, but if you notice my posts have become more centered on photos, recipes and now with the gardening season upon us…much more gardening!

I still haven’t missed a day although there are gaps.   These are filled by my other blog GardenDish with gardening recipes which will become more frequent.   …and gosh, who knows where this new Photoshop will send me.   So like an evolving diary … my blog keeps learning and moving on to new facets in life.   The one underlying lesson I am taking away with this challenge is not to limit myself and to write about what I am passionate about – it is much more interesting.   Since that changes (almost weekly) you will never know what to expect next.   For now it’s ……. Gardening, Photos and some good ole’ healthy eating.

Thank you for your patience as I shift gears a bit.   One more note – it seems using the air card brings me back to prehistoric time and my computing is slow and although I can check in … there is not a whole lot of browsing and commenting I am able to do.    My trips and air card use will be on the increase and I can read most …. very slowly and very patiently.

Wordless Wednesday 3/2

Share your photo – Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Make sure to have your recipes ready for Munchie Monday  … I have set up a separate blog for this feature!   Fun and Yum!

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Flickr: Your Photostream

A realization came to me a while back as I started taking pictures to add to my blog posts – some times (most times) you have to take a whole lot of pictures to “get the shot” you are looking for.   As you try to focus in on the buzzing bee or the fluttering bird you hope and pray it stays around long enough for you to capture that moment in a photo.    Some times you do and other times it’s gone before you even begin to focus.   Patience and persistence are two attributes that work well when zooming in for those Kodak moments.


For years I have had an account on  Flickr: Your Photostream and use it to hold and group my most precious pictures.   You are able to set up folders for different themes and add your photos to different groups on the website.   There are some fantastic people, photos and groups and even if you just dabble in picture-taking, you should check it out.   You can sign up for a Free account – not sure on the limits, but it works just as well as the Pro account.  

Just as I recently decided to become more serious with my blog posting and commit to the Daily Post, I also  took on the challenge hosted at the Shutter Sisters Group on Flickr.   The objective is to take and post a picture to the group each day of the year.   You would think taking a simple picture a day would be much easier than making a blog post, but it’s really not.   Both are a Challenge.   I find myself looking to portray meaning in that one photo I take each day … without words, with just a click of the camera.

The Challenge is forcing me to focus on what I am looking at and to actually see it.