Weekly Photo Challenge – Refuge

Toad hiding safe watching for those bugs in the garden!


Box turtle hiding safe inside his own home


Cool tags for your gifts – Easter!

 Tags or Place cards

It’s all in the technique …


The technique I want to show you is called “Heat embossing” and when I first became interested in papercrafts this fascinated me and still does.   The design you stamp is raised off the surface of the paper and has a glossy shine to it.   The only drawback to this method is that you do have to purchase special supplies – a heat tool, embossing powder and Perfect Medium stamping solution.

Choose your paper be it a card, tag or a design for framing.   Stamp the design using the Perfect Medium and then sprinkle embossing powder onto that. 

I used a copper color which gives it a nice antique look.   Shake off the excess powder and return it to the container for future use (don’t discard).   Then take the heat tool and heat up the powder which will transform before your eyes.    

Something that adds a dramatic look to the tags or card is taking an ink pad and going around the edge and brushing it with color.    You can see that on the lower flower tags here.   I then took a swan design and using my sewing machine slowly attached the swan to a doily – I emphasize slowly since we are working with paper and you don’t want to tear it by sewing too quickly.

You can further attach this design to a box lid or use as a place card with an added little treat for your guests adding the date and their name so they can save as a treasured keepsake.

Pretty sweet, huh?

Which type of Chocolate do you prefer – Dark or Milk Chocolate?  Vote here!

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Feature Friday

This week I picked from the long list of people who left a comment on my blog during my bout of Stardom as a Freshly Pressed featured blog.   Once again Thanks to all of  you …..   I find myself checking out all the new and different blogs listed each day on the WordPress front page now.   I still get a shot of excitement here and there each time I relive the moments.   Random picks from comments left –

The question was asked “How do you get featured on the Freshly Pressed page?   nrhatch left this link in my comments to answer the question – Now that’s helpful for me and them 🙂


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Have a Fantastic Friday!

Freshly Pressed Thank You!

Taking a cautious step off the roller coaster ride of the last few days, I jump right back in front of the computer and proceed to type up a Thank You post to WordPress and ALL the readers who stopped by to comment and lend support to me and my blog!   My “Freshly Pressed” experience was a real eye-opener to the power of being on the front page at WordPress.   A thrill all good bloggers should experience in their life-time.   The sudden surge of attention, comments galore and gobs of “likes”.  

The day started like any other day and to be quite honest, I rushed through my post thinking of all the “stuff” I had to do that day.   Had I known the whole world would be reading my blog post, I am sure I would have added more pictures and many more words to charm the reader.   But little did I know!   Upon returning from running several errands, I see several “likes” and a few comments.   I answer one and then I see “it”….another comment Congratulating me on being “Freshly Pressed”.   I think …No Way!  But sure enough ………

Me…….my post……..on the Front Page!   For all those who have had the honor of being FP’d you know exactly where I am coming from.   You just sit and watch – you don’t know what to do!   The good ole Stats number keeps rising and you can literally be there and watch it go from 111 to 150 in the matter of minutes.   It takes your breath away!

I knew the moment (or hour) when my post was moved and a new WordPress blogger was being honored.   There were no comments lined up for my golden approval and I knew in my heart the “likes” were being given to another.  

Quite honestly, I was relieved!   Now don’t get me wrong…..I absolutely LOVE attention and recognition and gosh, if I can write something to help another…..I am the happiest person in the world.   It was just a shock since I never imaged I would be so honored and recognized.  

Thank you WordPress and ALL you readers…..next time though .. I will have more pictures and absolutely more charm!   And one more thing … ALL you readers

Be Ready for your Turn!


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Soon .. Soon Spring will Arrive!

Browsing through my picture files last night I found the above Crocus dated March 17, 2010.   Now that puts the pep back in my step!   Have you ever noticed when you become excited about something, your actions become quicker and you are more animated..could it be a sign of happiness?!?   I definitely feel that way thinking about gardening and anticipating the beauty of the flowers arriving in a few weeks.

Daffodils taken April 2, 2010 …… soon

Soon spring will arrive and I will be ready!   We attended a Garden Show this past weekend and there was much talk about preparing for the  arrival of the garden season.   One of the speakers talked of native plants and proudly showed picture after picture of her beautiful efforts in the garden and how to achieve the same results.   Pictures are such an important reminder to refresh our memory and bring happiness but also as a note of comparison and reflection from year to year.   Wondering if my grandkids grandkids would enjoy a Gardening Journal full of beautiful pictures from Great Great Granny!  

A few herb plants I purchased at the show are Rosemary, Stevia and Lemongrass.   I have found these a little difficult to start from seed and seeing them growing right along in little pots I had to bring them home.

Also thank you very much Mary Ann  for sending me these vegetable seeds which I can’t wait to start.   I will be adding them to my Gardening List for 2011 – Purple Beauty Sweet Pepper, Amana Orange Tomato, Black Cherry Tomato and Black Krim Tomato.

Soon .. Soon Spring will Arrive and I am ready!!

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Join us for Recipe Sharing Every Monday!

Munchie Monday is the Winner!

Thank you Thank you!

What a Wonderful response to the recent poll I created to help choose the name for the Recipe Sharing feature I am starting every Monday.   Thirty-one readers voted and the results were pretty close so although “Munchie Monday” is the official winner, I will be using the Menu idea on my website.   I still have some fine-tuning to do over there, but this will also be for sharing recipes which are more specific.   Fun in both places and Thank you for voting!

Staying in line with the theme of the day which is Valentine’s Day, I extend a Happy Valentine’s Day to you all and posted a repeat recipe for the cookies I recently made.   You can see how clicking on the link brings you to my blog again to view the recipe post.   When you enter your information, the reader will be directed to your own blog and able to see your recipe and your blog.   Munchies is the generic name for  this Monday Feature and really any recipe you wish to share will work.   So have fun and everyone is welcome to use this idea on their own blog.  If you do … make sure to include the words *linkup* after your name so others will click on over and add their recipe to your blog.

Looking forward to some tasty, yummy ideas!   I will also be sending out a tweet each time someone adds a recipe so watch for the hashtag #Munchie Monday and by all means feel free to share the tweet!   I am getting hungry just typing this post 🙂

There was a request from a reader for a good Marinara Sauce … so if anyone has one, please post.    Any other requests out there?