I Miss My Garden

The weather has been wild all over the country – snow and more snow!  We even woke to an earthquake here in Illinois yesterday; the roar and the rumble jolted us right from our slumber.  The initial reports stated it at 4.3 but as the day wore on and more information was gathered it was rated as a 3.8 earthquake.  I can only imagine the magnitude of the recent quake in Haiti.  What a wakeup call …

As the winter wears on,  many gardeners use the downtime to create.  Stories are written, fabrics are woven into flowing garments, knitting, crocheting, woodworking, painting ….. the list is long – all the creations produced from the mind of a gardener are as creative as the gardens they build with loving care.  Gardening brings a natural focus into these works and showcases the crafty talents and beautiful work from the hands of a gardener.

My latest creation is artistic and practical.  I lean toward crafting items that tend to have a useful purpose.  In this case …

I designed 2 woodburned signs for hanging and displaying garlic and herbs from the garden.  I have been fascinated with woodburning since I was young and enjoy the look.  I still have to drill holes for the dowels where the garlic/herbs will hang.  I am considering giving one of these finished Garlic Herb signs as my giveaway gift in The Great Garden Giveaway!   I did mention in a previous post that the seeds for the giveaway are all packed and ready to go …   Make sure to spread the word to all your gardening friends ….

  Seeds all ready!

While I am still missing my garden …

I have time to work on another project.  My birthday gift last summer was a magnificent mini barn for all my gardening needs. 


I will be planting flowers and possibly bushes around the barn but more importantly I need to create a “Welcome Sign”.  The back wall is what you see as you drive up the gravel road to our home, so a nice Welcome sign there would be perfect.  The possibilities for a design are many but I am leaning toward this veggie one which I woodburned on a seed box last year.

I think that might look really nice as you drove up to our home.  What do you think?  What are you crafting this time of year?