Tough Doggy Day

I wanted to share this story so others can avoid the same terrible mishap happening to their own precious pets.   Anyone who owns a dog or cat and had some type of surgery knows the all too familiar and hated “cone” that the poor patient has to wear for what seems an eternity.   Well, here is Frankie and the hated cone after a heart wrenching day.   The poor guy is still not sure what happened – but I was there and can tell the story.

We have four dogs – Frankie and Augie are good pals and get along very well.   They do wrestle around as dogs do and usually I end up yelling for them to “Stop”!  The other two Billie and Sarge are small and although Billie will start to mess with the bigger dogs it really is not a good idea.  

What occurred today (and one time previous) is as they were wrestling around Frankie got his claw nail caught in Augie’s chain collar.   Bad scene and now Frankie has many stitches in his front paw and a punctured lip and nose.   We still don’t know the extent of the repair but he will either need a root canal or a pulled tooth.   He came down in the struggle and landed on the ceramic tile … tooth first.

So the bottom line – if you have more than one pet who needs a collar, do not use chain link collars.   I should have figured this out the first time it happened, but sometimes we don’t realize there is an issue until tragedy strikes.   Everyone is still a bit shook up, but we will all recover and hopefully someone out there will avoid this same crisis.

poor Frankie 😦  


9 Responses

  1. Aww . . . that’s sad.

    Give him a pat on the head from us, Debbie.

  2. Sorry to hear about that. But thanks for passing that along. I always use the nylon ones, but my dogs have found interesting ways to injure themselves in the past.

  3. Send my regards to Frankie!! Poor guy…

  4. he does not look like a happy camper. Get well soon buddy.

  5. Wow! What a scary story. A one in a million chance of happening, but that is great advice about the collar. We have had dogs have to wear that cone. The worst thing is that they are always bumping into corners and getting disoriented about where they are and what they are hitting.

    Happy WW!

  6. Thank you all for your concern and kind words for Frankie. He has had enough of the “cone” and this whole being hurt scene already – cracked the cone by running into me and also smacked me in the head as I was checking the foot! Hopefully, I am still in one piece after all this! Thanks again 🙂

  7. Poor Frankie. He is a great looking dog. Bob and Fred hated the collar.

  8. Poor Frankie! Don’t you hate the cones?! Our lab would just about tear the house down walking around with the thing on, where our Pekingese would just stand frozen because she hated running into things. Here’s wishing Frankie a really quick recovery!

  9. Poor Babies -as a mother of 12 four-legged babies it is a constant struggle to make sure they play nice and that they do not accidently hurt one another. Thank you for sharing the a reminder – our four-legged children really do depend on us to protect them.

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