What does your “About” Page say?

I just finished reading an article from Inc. magazine regarding the importance of an “About” page on your website, blog and business material.   Simply stated the article emphasized the relationship factor involved in on-line interactions.   No longer are relationships merely business to business dealings instead they are on a more people to people level.   Potential customers visit your page interested in your product or service but they also want to learn more about you.   They want to like and trust you before they commit on a financial basis (purchasing what you offer for sale).   Reading about the company history, the founders and what inspired them lends a human touch to the business.   It is this human touch that is often lacking on-line.  Making sure you offer this in your on-line presence will help ensure return visits to your blog or website.

Think of your “About” page as a sales tool, and quite frankly, it does work as a sales person.   It represents your business with the added benefit of being open 24 hours a day.   Even if you are not running a small business your “About” page can personalize you, helping you appear more like a human being and not just a computer screen.   Showcase your personality – make it serious or funny, happy or light-hearted.   You could even go as far as making a video so your viewers can see the “real” you!

I am sure after reading this post and acknowledging the importance I am passing along regarding the “About” page, you will glance around looking for mine.   Well … I honestly didn’t realize the potential or the significance it held.   I guess you can say it is much like an open invitation to your audience to come on in and get to know you.   I will have to spend some time creating my personality on paper since I definitely do not want to appear boring and dull.   I need to portray myself as fun, happy and always smiling …. I wonder if I can muster up some writing skills and paint the picture of who I am?

What does your “About” page say?

(Afterthought … I actually do have an About page out there, on another blog and it doesn’t sound half bad!)


7 Responses

  1. Great post this. It’s made me rethink by brief about page. I think I might be doing some subtle tweaking in future days!

  2. Great post Debbie! Good info for bloggers everywhere!

  3. Thank you for this post. I hadn’t realized the importance either. Can you critique my “About Us” page? http://jonandphyllis.wordpress.com/about/ I’m always up for constructive criticism.

  4. Very good advice – I recently beefed up by About Me page after I noticed a couple of hits on it, and I didn’t have SQUAT out there!

  5. Excellent points Deb! We actually had this as an assignment in a writing course I took and it was extremely helpful. It was suggested that we add a picture of ourself so our readers can have a visual connection too…
    I did for a while and then decided to remove my picture. I don’t think it’s necessary. But a lot was helpful. I’m always surprised when people leave comments on my about me page.
    Have a great week ahead!

  6. I think it is a great idea to have an ‘about’ page, as someone is more likely to subscribe to our blog if they feel as though they are connecting with the person behind the post that may have attracted them in the first place.

    I shall look forward to reading more about you Deb!

  7. Eliz, I personally would rather see a real face than an avitar but that’s me. I enjoy connecting to a real person through their writing and seeing the person’s picture helps. I loose interest quickly if there’s no picture.

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